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Since the beginning SB Car Seat Covers Ltd has come a long way to where it stands now.  Founded in 1983, the company began as a small family run business and kept on adding to its employee pool as the customer base increased. Today we have a strong team of professional machinists & upholsterers, automotive accessory designers, web content administrators, a dedicated sales team and warehouse/packaging staff. With a commitment to take up new challenges we were able to spread into wider geographical markets.  We are very excited that we are nearing the completion of three decades of growth in this business. 

We feel proud to say that with so many years of manufacturing experience we are specialist in this segment of trade where we design our own products manufacture them and finally test them before actually launching them into the market. Ability to control and modulate the entire production cycle gives us a cutting edge over others and we think that this is our biggest strength. 

At SB Car Seat Covers Ltd, this is how we measure and define the quality of our experience……….

Oscar Wilde once wrote- “Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes”.  Likewise at SB, our experience is the name that we give to the valuable feedback given to us by our customers. Every feedback went a long way to help us in our growth and enrich our know-how.  We used each customer experience as a step which helped us climb further up the growth ladder.  With passing time more and more vehicles were added to the portfolio of automobiles that we cater to and today, we feel proud to say that we attend to the needs of more than 800 different car models, commercial van models and motor homes running on the U.K & EU roads.  Undoubtedly we have established ourselves as a market leader and a trend setter over past thirty years.