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Car Seat Covers Red Diamond Stitch Full Set



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Full Set- Two Fronts and a Standard Rear ( One piece base and one piece top)

Introducing another fabulous quality seat cover from the SB brand (SB is a manufacturing company based in Manchester). This is a universal stretch size product and gives a realistic fit. Rest assured that this is genuine English made car seat cover. The middle section of the seat cover is a dark charcoal black with a diamond patterned stitch design and red bolsters on the sides. These are ideal if you are looking to protect your seats from dirt, dust, spillages, pet hairs etc. We only use original jaquard fabrics to ensure an extremely professional finish and enhance the look and feel of your car's interior. The seat covers go over the front of the seats and down the back to ensure complete protection. This particular car seat covers is semi-fitting in size, and is suitable for most cars. We use a stretch fabric on the back of the covers, so the entire seat is covered in one go.

Pattern: Black with red bolsters (diamond stitch patterns).

Material: Polyester cotton mix with very heavy foam.2 layers of fabric make up this seating cloth: A) Surface fabric, polyester/cotton mixture, which is red and black) Foam lining, this is to BS standard) Crim/lining made of cotton; this stops the seat cover from sliding) FR (FR means fire retardant) tested.

Washing Instructions: We recommend a low temperature machine wash at 30 degree. These covers are also machine-washable on a low temperature.