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Diamond Flower Design Car Seat Covers Full Set



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Full Set- Two Fronts and a Standard Rear (One piece base and one piece top), 5 Matching Headrest Covers

This pack includes our newest girlie product of semi fitting car seat covers that will stretch to fit. With high grade specifications our car seat covers will enhance the looks, increase the lifespan of the original seats, remarkably improve the resale value of your car and enrich the comfort factor and thereby add to your driving experience. The centre fabric is lovely high grade poly cotton with black mesh trim. This is a three dimensional flower design and the flowers are designed with the artificial Swarovski Crystals. This particular car seat covers is semi-fitting in size, and is suitable for most cars. We use a stretch fabric on the back of the covers, so the entire seat is covered in one go.


Material: Polyester cotton mix with very heavy foam.2 layers of fabric make up this seating cloth: A) Surface fabric, polyester/cotton mixture, which is blue and black. B) Foam lining, this is to BS standard. C) Scrim/lining made of cotton; this stops the seat cover from sliding. D) FR (FR means fire retardant) tested. E) Backing Fabric : we have used a stretch polyester fabric that covers the complete back of the seats.

Washing Instructions: We recommend a low temperature machine wash at 30 degree. These covers are also machine-washable on a low temperature.